Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Mixed Media on canvas, 36 x 60; framed to 44 x 68


Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Bernstein,
I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your great horses. Sorry that I couldn't buy the one I loved the most, the simple, powerful, energetic one in the middle of your space. I did talk to my wife Jean and she averred that she did not want a "horse" in our living room. There you are: 1 yes, 1 no, it takes two votes.

I had a horse when I was young, a pinto mare. Also, I've always liked Jonathan Swift, the English writer, who featured horses in his Gullivers Travels. He called them the houyhnims (sp?); they were much greater creatures than mankind.

Another great horse story involves the Appaloosa, a breed captured I believe by the Nez Pierce people, developed, and then lost during the terrible flight of the people from the U.S. Army. Chief Joseph almost escaped into Canada but then was surrounded and had to surrender.

Good luck to you.

Donna Bernstein said...


Thank you so much for your interest and your lovely comments! And I especially appreciate your horse stories...very thoughtful of you to pass them along. Chief Joseph and the Nez Pierce, and the Appaloosa, spent much of their time in Idaho, too!

I would have loved Jane to have been as enamored of "Sunset" as you are...perhaps in the future there will be another piece for you...
Look forward to seeing you next year!

Feel free to forward me your email, and I'll keep you on my mailing list.

Thank you so much!

Donna Bernstein
Donna B Art