Thursday, April 29, 2010


Life-Size. 5'W x 6'H.

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seesa said...

Having a big passion for horses Donna B. work definitely takes me back in the day where I used to ride horses all the time. Horses are remarkable creatures and her way of portraying them is one of a kind. A lot of artist try to painting them realistically which is fine but the way Donna portrays them are completely different. She captures the energy and beauty of the horse . With every move they make, how the wind brushes through their hair, and the way the horse trots or gallops it the most stunning thing ever. And depending what time of day she captures the creature on how the light reflects off them. A horse during the sunset is probably one of the most astonishing things a human can set their eyes on. Through line and color she depicts the horse perfectly. The viewer can definitely see her passion for horses.