Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Marengo", "Polo Players Edition" Magazine, December 2010.

"Marengo", life-size mixed media acrylic/metallic painting, 72 x 60.

"Sporting Art" issue, "Making History", pg. 36.

This is one of the few historical pieces I have created, in that it is an homage to the incredible gray ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte.
Though I am sure he may not have played polo, his fine stallion was a highly trained military animal, athletic and highly responsive in many sudden situations - not unlike sport. Many of the early methods of training horses were based on military maneuvers, which later were incorporated into the equestrian sports we enjoy today.


W. H. "Hank" Jordan said...

I really like this painting! Form and Line are very organic and creative!

Unknown said...

Just love this painting and i like the creativity of this art.